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This is the bit where I tell you just how great I am, how much I love what and that you really want me to shoot your wedding – so lets skip that bit- and get to what I do.

I drink tea. Not from a little refined china cup mind,  but a dirty great mug full, I play with my kids and love being out doors and doing stuff.

To fund this ‘extravagant‘ life style  I take photographs and have done since 2006. It helps that I love my job. Now everyone has a camera  of some sort, so  why are you going to hire me and not rely on ‘uncle John’, with that camera he got ‘cheap’ in Spain?

The answer is that it just too important not to.

If you want a picture of your cat, or that particularly spectacular coffee, then whip out a phone and take a quick snap – pop it on instagram and quickly forget about it. When you want memories hand crafted, edited, polished and presented to you in a way you will want to look at again and again… that’s when you call me.

You make the memories we will make them beautiful.

Contact us by phone  for a fully functioning person who will be pleased to chat to you about weddings, photography, tea and so on;

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